A Refreshing + Sustainable Approach

Range is where Pilates, mobility, strength training, functional movement and nervous system care meet to support you through the decades. This is an inclusive, accessible and down to earth environment where you will be invited to be utterly human and fully yourself while building a resilient and capable body. This is where we wear sweatpants to let our bellies breathe as we sweat. This is where we sip coffee as we nourish our bodies and minds. This is where we learn to close our eyes and trust our own voices, to ground through our feet, to reach our arms above our heads, and to move with wind through our hair. Range is a place to land where we allow ourselves to be unapologetically human on our journey to longevity.


The Buzz on Kara

Her method is so much more than a fitness class but an approach to movement principles and safe body mechanics that I apply to all aspects of my life.

Genuine and hilarious!

Kara asks her students to reconsider their previous assumptions about their bodies and capabilities.

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